Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Box Hill, Surrey

We were up and about early on our last day as we had to pack up the tent (and everything else!) and get daddy to an office in Reigate, Surrey. It was only an hour away though and meant an hour less to drive home later so it wasn't too bad. I managed to find Box Hill in my National Trust guide book and thought it was worth a visit. The weather was a little grim though but that didn't spoil the children's enthusiasm!

We decided to do the family play trail. There are a few different trails and this one looked the most fun!

Ruben found himself a den

There were so many things to climb on and swing on, all made from trees, which was lovely.

The girls looked for fairies under the trees

Whilst the boys did lots of climbing and balancing on logs

The swing rope area was one of the best finds!

Always, always time for a stick fight!

We used my phone as a stopwatch and timed each of them to see how quick they could get over the logs and around the tree stumps. Cordelia won both times!
Look at all the fungi on this tree!
We found lots of tiny caterpillars hanging on silky threads and dangling from the trees. I thought they were pieces of catkins at first, doh! Until Cordelia walked through one and then had a caterpillar on her face!
The view from "Donkey Green" was quite lovely! Its named "Donkey Green" because its where children used to have donkey rides for the grand price of tuppence!

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