Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ballet Party

The girls were so excited to get an invite to a friend's daughters 'Ballet' party! They have both attended ballet classes before and Pier has decided that she really wants to go again, especially as she had such a fantastic time at the party. It was really lovely weather too, so Ruben spent a lot od time running around outside whilst Bailey had a much needed catch up with his friend. My friend has also done wizard things for the boys but all Ruben wanted to do was draw, so I left him too it!
 He looks happy enough anyway!
 Meanwhile......There were tutu's to be made!
 My friend had a fab idea for making tutu's and the girls were in their element!

 Ta-da! What a wonderful idea! Afterwards they had 40 minutes with a ballet student and she taught them to do some dance steps and how to courtesy! One never knows when it might be required after all!
 This is Ruben's finished scorpion picture
All of the ballet has made Piper despearate to start again, third time lucky! A new group for home ed children is starting up so hopefully, that will suit her. She must have got about 10 books out of the library this week all about ballet, so she is feeling very inspired! Thanks Debs for a wonderful party it was fabulous!

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