Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back in Wales!!!

Gosh, it felt so good to pack all the camping stuff back into the car and be driving back to Wales again. We chose the same camp site we went too back in September as there was such a lovely laid back feel there and the prices were very reasonable for all six of us. It was a little colder this time though I have to admit but I was so desperate to actually get back to Wales I didn't care about the cold (well almost didn't care). The first day was mainly took up with the driving and setting up of the tent. We did have a quick walk around Bala, to see the lake, which was as breathtaking as last year. We picked some food up to cook for tea and then went and set up the tent. Daddy cooked us all a yummy chicken curry for tea, which warmed us right up and then we sat around the fire and had some hot chocolate and toast for supper. Here is Bailey toasting the bread for us.

I know he looks fed up but he was enjoying it really.....

Yummy hot chocolates!

The next morning we got up late-8.30! Which when you have a Ruben, who gets up EVERY morning at 6 am on the dot is quite a shock! I think daddy and me stared in shock for at least another minute and wondered if the time was wrong, but no it was right. It was a bit overcast and cool so we had a cooked breakfast and set off to Porthamadog, This time though we decided to travel a bit further and drive to the beach at Cricceth. It was really beautiful, even in the misery of the weather. Daddy found a dogfish....

There was even a castle. Daddy took a picture of us all, I think this is my second one this week, must be a record for me!
Doing some rockpooling with Daddy

A teeny, tiny crab

With their flat traveller William. He was enjoying the view of the castle!
Another dead fish washed up on the beach, not sure why I took a photograph of this but it interested me....
An Oystercatcher. I have wanted to see one of these in Wales ever since I read 'Oystercatchers' by Susan Fletcher. I loved the book. It was a little dark but I really enjoyed it.
Collecting driftwood for the fire on the beach

Another view of the castle before we walked around to the other side of the beach. It was so beautiful. The kids saw a pile of very arty looking rocks that someone had built and so wanted to go down and make their own versions. So off we set. It started to rain a little but that didn't put them off at all.

This is Ruben's arty rock work
This is Cordelia's smaller version of the original rock pile on the beach
Bailey started one too but didn't finish it so wouldn't let me take a picture of it unfinished. We had to leave as it was starting to bounce it down with rain by now and we were all very cold. It was so lovely having the beach mostly to ourselves though. I bet its look different in the summer but I really love cold, wintery beaches!

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