Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back in Betws-Y-Coed

I really love this little village in Wales and it was lovely to come back and attempt a walk up to Swallow Falls. We had a lovely walk around the shops first, admiring all the handcrafted items. We took our flat traveller William with us too.

 At the start of the walk, all feeling quite energetic. The rain from the morning (when we were at Cricceth) had passed too which was nice.
 Bailey had walked a head and had what looked like a profound moment alone by the edge of the river.

 What is it about children, rocks and water? I really think they could spend all day thrwoing stones into the water and watching them splash in the clear water.

 I love this photo (below) as you can see the stones land and the water splashing upwards.
 After some quite steep bits, very muddy bits, a few tears (Piper got mud on her new pumps!) we eventually got to the 'Miner's Bridge'.
 It was a very beautiful sight to see all the water gushing forward but it wasn't Swallow Falls!

 The kids didn't want to go any further though, sadly, so we will have to wait for another opportunity to see Swallow Falls up close. Still, I liked the bit that we saw!
After we had walked back into the village, we sat and had some chips by the river before heading back to the camp site for supper. The driftwood burned really well and it wasn't as cold in the tent as the night before which was good.


  1. Lovely photos! Really makes me want to get out there and experience nature more!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Yes you should totally get out there more and experience nature! So much fun and memories to be created! Thanks for dropping by!
    Zoe x