Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sudbury Hall & The Museum of Childhood

Aftyer a quiet day in yesterday, I was feeling unwell and it was a miserable, rainy day we got up early and went to Sudbury. I had bought a chair on Ebay that needed collecting from Derby so we thought we'd make a day of it and see what the National Trust had to offer. It was lovely to have a bit of sunshine for a change too. Sudbury Hall was very imposing as we came out of the car park and through the entrance. Very symmetrical too, which I always love to see! When I was little I loved drawing houses, it was the only thing I could draw and they were always perfectly symmetrical. So as an adult I love seeing these type of houses!

The hall itself wasn't open today so we didn't get chance to go in, only look around the outside. Its very popular and it was very busy, which is something you really can't get used to as home educators. We like things when there quiet now, how selfish of us! But its daddy's week off and it was lovely to have him with us for a change!
First up in the musuem was the Victorian street. The girls found some wooden hula hoops, which were very tricky to use and very noisy in comparison to their plastic ones at home.
there was even a tree to explore and animals to find.
I liked the stories of childhood on this board, especially the one of the little girl who fell off her bike and was given a mars bar by a neighbour. I wonder what my children will remember about their childhoods??
This bit was quite fun, the children got to experience a little of what it was like to be a chimmney sweeper by crawling into this fireplace and coming out of the other end! The man kindly offered me a turn too but I politely declined!

The children thought it was fab though! Sorry about the blurry phot's, my children are rarely still long enough for anything, let alone photographs!
This was actually the real size of a chimmney! Much tighter than the one they had just been in.
The girls enjoyed pretending to be servant girls, not sure how much fun it would have really been though...
Piper finds out she is the perfect age to become a maid!
I loved this bedroom on the ceiling!!
Piper managed to find a dolls house to play with!
Whilst Ruben played in the kitchen
Love this! What a strange toy!

Cordelia wishes she'd had one of these when she was a baby or even now!
Ruben spys a book I've been reading to him recently
We managed to find some vinatge Star Wars fugures for Bailey to look at!
In the library room trying to find some of our favourite stories in amongst the books. We spotted some Enid Blyton and Harry Potter.
We also spotted some Playmobil, which is having a bit of a resurgence in our house at the moment!
Mary Poppins! Only fitting in a house where you can be a chimmney sweeper
I loved the ceiling in the library too
Off up the stairs to see what else we could find......
Sylvanian families!
There was a section in the museum that was a whole collection of toys from a lady called Betty Cadbury from Birmingham (surely related to the Cadbury family?? must find out!). Her collection was huge and varied from all different types of toys. This is a toy train going round above our heads, love the beams too!
Beautiful dolls, I especailly like the teeny tiny dolls in the bottom right hand corner.
The smallest Noah's Ark ever? Created from a seed, you had to use a magnifying glass to see it!
Love these cat ninepins too! Adorable
I loved this idea of playing noughts and crosses with birds, going to have to have a think of I can recreate this at home......

Sindy! Nannan has this bathroom in her collection in "Sindy World" at home too
Furniture made from conkers! How on earth? Would be interesting to have a go at this....
Loved this bench outside of the Hall, very Alice in Wonderland inspired!
Time to burn some energy off in the woodland playground before we set off to the next place!
There was even a real Cheshire Cat to stroke!

We loved this tree, which quite frankly id the biggest tree I have ever seen. It was as tall as the house, Bailey took this photo of the tree.

Cordelia spotted this growing on one of the trees, not sure what it is though? Looked like tiny gnome hats!
(Sorry I left this post half done last night, I was so tired and it was 12 by the time I logged off and my brain had gone to mush, so thought it best to leave it and finish it this morning. All done now!)

Growing and Glass

We had a quietish weekend this weekend, we were meant to be going camping to Pembrokeshire, but the weather was a bit pants to be honest! So we decided to stay at home and have some days out instead. Sunday morning we got up early and went to the car boot. It was quite cold and there wasn't many people around at all but I managed to get a few bargains!  The kids were so excited when I found these glass ice cream sundae glasses, I've been looking out for some for ages. They sat watching Doctor Who on Sunday evening with their ice cream bowls. I got 7 of these for just £3!

And this was my other bargain! A pie dish in pastel pink for just 50p! Now I really have no excuse not to make Nigel Slater's Lemon Meringue pie. Watch this space.....
I had to take some photo's of all the vegetables as they are doing so well this year. I'm so excited about what recipes I will make when all the veg is ready to be harvested.

 These are our parsnips
The courgettes are starting to flower, they have the most beautiful, bright yellow flowers.
Purple broccolli
Strawberry plant
Green peas

Cauliflower, which was being nibbled on by....
This little fella' He has since been rehomed in the butterfly house, with some fresh cauliflower leaves.
And finally, the potatoes!

That was just our pitter-pottering kind of day as I had a huge headache and didn't feel good at all.