Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sports at the museum!!

We had a lovely day at Weston Park Museum last week with friends. We had a picnic in the park and a quick play in the playground before we went into the museum. They had a new exhibit called "Sports Lab: The science behind the medals". The kids thought it was fantastic!  They took part in a 'virtual cycle race around Sheffield' without leaving the museum! There was a leader board for the top ten scores, my friend's son managed to get to 8th place!!

 Even my friend's hubby had to have a go on his lunch break!! That's him in the background
 This game was called 'Batak' and required you to hit the lights as quickly as possible to test your reaction speed, que lots of jumping and giggling from the kids!

 This was the most fun game I think though and had me in stitches! The kids had to stand on a coloured square and dance to keep up with the dancing figures on the TV screen. Ruben had 4/5 turns one after the other, he was shattered when we came out of this exhibition!

 Could these possibly be the biggest pants in Britain??? They are Olympic swim trunks
 A Penny Farthing. Possibly the strangest looking bike ever?!?

I've forgotten what these two bike were now! There were a few things we didn't get around to looking at because the kids were so hyper from the dance game so I think we will have to go back and have another look at the exhibition properly. Still I don't think the kids will mind us going again so soon, I think its their favourite exhibit since the 'Charlie and Lola' exhibit.

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