Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scaling the "Heights of Abraham"

Last Saturday the book came out. Which book? The “AA Walking in the Peak District” book. And by out I mean off the bookcase. We haven’t done a big walk since the Kinder Scout walk, although we have been doing smaller walks. We really liked the look of the Matlock walk ‘Scaling the heights of Abraham”. The book describes this walk as “A steady climb raises you above the hurley burley of Matlock Bath to a more familiar peakland landscape”. It was 8 miles with an ascent of 365 metres. And let me tell you, it felt like 365 metres, especially as it was all at the beginning! We altered the end part a little and came through Matlock Bath, which wasn't so nice as it was extremely busy and kind of ruined the atmospheric peace we had enjoyed during our walk!

 I loved this beautiful church which was perched halfway up the hill.
 You can just see Riber Castle through the trees. I have wanted to go up to this castle for a while, as I really LOVE castles (and windmills and lighthouses too) but its closed off to the public. A lot of people remember it as being a zoo, which it was from the 1960's until 2000 when it was closed due to the concern for the welfare of the animals. According to one website several lynxes were released into the wild! Glad I didn't know that when I began this walk! Still it makes for a pretty spectacular view.

 Bailey was in charge of the map reading and he did a splendid job

 Daddy lifted lots of rocks so the children could see what minibeasts where hiding underneath them.
 Ruben found a millipede
 Tallulah found an animal burrow
 It was quite high as we were walking back down the hill.
 Stopping for some lunch and a rest. Tallulah even got some sausages for her lunch.
A little play in the playground before it was time to go home. We all enjoyed the walk, not so much at the end as it was a little too busy for our liking. I really enjoyed our first big walk of the year, bring on the next one :-))

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  1. Riber castle! I went there on a school visit when I was about six. Thanks for posting this, it's brought back great memories.
    It looks like you had a great time on the walk.