Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ruben's recycle and reusing

We had some friends over for pizza's a few Saturday's ago. Ruben was so excited because they have a boy the same age as him! For some reason there is a serious shortage of home educated boy's the same age as Ruben, he spends so much time playing with his sisters and their friend's and gets very fed up about it sometimes. He wants to run around playing Pokemon and general chasing games and the girls want to play quiet(ish) games with their Barbie dolls. The age gap between Bailey and Ruben never seemed that big but as Bailey gets older (and nearly approaches becoming a teenager. EEEK!) it seems like a huge gap. Its only 5 and a half years but in comparison to his sisters its a big age gap. 
Anyway, back to the pictures. Ruben loves collecting plastic tubs and using them in the garden, he loves digging up mud and mixing it with leaves and anything else he can find around the garden. In this case he found some pieces of coloured chalk leftover from a sunny day, when they were all doing pictures on the path. So this is what he and his friend made.......

This is what the table looked like after they had finished! Still, they had tons of fun and it was lovely to see him so happy doing some boy stuff! Who would have thought broken pieces of coloured chalk would have provided so much fun??


  1. Looks like Ruben and his friend had fun here.

  2. He had a blast! He loves being outside!