Sunday, 17 April 2011

More photo's from the MOSI visit.......

I really did take a lot of pictures when we were there! No wonder my camera ran out of batteries! This is from the air and space gallery, which was very impressive. In fact it reminded me very much of the London museum's.

 Bailey and Ruben in the textiles gallery.
 Piper trying to make a hoover work with cycle power!
 Really? "A PC looked like this?" Yes and not that long ago either!

 "Mom!!! Come and look at the teddy flying the plane!!!"
 So sweet......

 An aeroplane made entirely from magazines
 Playing at pilots. Not sure if I would like to be a passenger on this plane as the children were (nosily) preparing for it to crash!! Hmmmmm......

 Piper thought this car looked like it belonged in the Sylvanian Family catalogue!

 Playing offices in the textile gallery. I think they could have done this all day so maybe I should get an old fashioned telephone and filing cabinet for the family room???

 This was so much fun, it was knitting on a huge hoop. Cordelia loved it
Piper practised her plating on this rope. The textile gallery was very relaxing or was that just because we were all exhausted and ready for home?(and a cup of tea?)

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