Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fields of yellow, Dorothy & Newts!!

After our weekly trip to the library yesterday, we ended up popping in to see my mother in law. She was about to take her two dogs for a walk so the kids and I decided to join her and take our dog, Tallulah with us. It was so beautiful up there on the top of the hill. It was a panoramic view for miles and this field of bright yellow rapeseed was just too inviting for the children! I'm sorry the pictures are so tiny, I only had my phone with me. It was so quiet and peaceful, you could hear lots of birds and there were butterflies flying all around us. We have been so lucky with the weather this week, the sun has been shining nearly all week and we have had temperatures hitting 20 degrees which for April is fantastic, really makes up for the super-early snow and cold weather of November last year anyway!! Let's hope it continues so the camping can begin!!

 As we walked back up to my mother in laws house we popped into see her neighbour, who has the most amazing house. It is very, very old and is built in the shape of a cross. Its very Tudor-ish in its design. She was looking after her grandchildren's pet tortoise 'Dorothy'. She was gorgeous! I have always wanted a tortoise, I absolutely love them!!
 She took quite a while to come out of her shell, probably due to the two Jack Russell's and German Shepard that were running around.

 We put her back down, after all having a little hold. They are so much heavier than I would imagine! And Dorothy made a clear run for it.

Just before we left the children had a quick pond dip and Ruben managed to find a Newt!! He was very happy and so was my mother in law's neighbour as that was the first she even knew about having a newt in her pond and was very happy about it.
We then went back to my mother in laws and she cooked us tea with knickerbocker glory's for the children for dessert! Home again came four very happy children!

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