Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cordelia turns 9!!!!

I can’t quite believe it but my beautiful daughter turned 9 years old on Saturday. It really does not seem like it was only 9 years ago! I remember the day she was born, it was a beautiful sunny, spring day and Bailey who was then nearly 4 years old and Piper who was just 16 months old were playing in the garden. Hubby was off  work that day and we were pottering around in the garden. Piper was feeding her rabbit dandelion leaves, Bailey was playing on the slide and Hubby and I were painting fence panels when I felt a very gentle contraction, two days early! I told hubby and he jokingly told me to ‘finish painting that panel first!’ I went quietly upstairs and ran myself a bath, got in and Hubby came and sat on the seat of the toilet eating a cheese sandwich! Fathers have to keep their strength up too! It was all very genteel. Bailey and Piper had some sandwiches for tea and hubby put them to bed at there normal 7 o’clock bedtime. The midwives arrived together and hubby rushed round making cups of tea and fetching out biscuits for them. I had ‘Travis’ playing on the cd player and at 9.03 pm, four hours after my labour started, my beautiful, screaming daughter Cordelia Eva arrived weighing 7lbs and 9 & 1/2 ozs! Bailey and Piper had not gone to sleep but had sat in the rooms quietly playing and chatting to each other so they were both awake to come and see their new little sister. It was my second home birth and although it didn’t go quite as well after the birth as Piper’s had done the labour was a really good one. I was (and still very much am) one very, very ecstatic and lucky mama.
Her very first photo!

And this is the last photo of her being 8!

For Cordelia’s 9th birthday we had a carnival theme. We had spent a good few weeks painting signs, thinking of games, making paper chains and thinking what food to do. On the day we were very lucky to have dry weather so everything was set up outside. We borrowed a gazebo for the food table and set up all the games around the garden. We had ‘Tin Can Alley’, ‘Goldfish Toss’, ‘Bean Bag Throw’, ‘Bat the rat’, ‘Hook a Duck’, ‘Balloon Pop’, ‘Higher or Lower Cards’, 'Colouring in Station', ‘Face painting, temporary tattoo’s and fortune telling!’.

We had a prize table too, so when the children played each game they got tickets, which were collected in their party envelopes and exchanged for prizes at the end. The children all really enjoyed the games. I haven’t got many photo’s of them playing because I was so busy helping with all the games, making drinks and serving food! But it looked like they all had a great time.

I even managed to find her a carnival style party dress! Which she LOVED!!

 Cordelia really loves horses and her favourite ride at carnivals is always, always the carousel. So, I made her, her very own carousel birthday cake. She loved it and I really enjoyed making it, I think it looks lovely. She got lots of lovely presents and said ‘it was her bestest birthday ever’ so I think she enjoyed it :-)

 Ruben had his face painted too!
Thank you nan-nan for being face painter/fortune teller and tattooist!! This is Cordelia being a puppy dog :-)

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  1. It was a fab party, we had a great time. The carnival theme was such a great idea.