Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bakewell and Chatsworth

As dad has begun a well earned holiday from work we went off for a family day out to Bakewell. The home ed group had a pottery day at Lathkill Dale last year and I offered to pick up the pots for the group, as they needed picking up from Bakewell I thought it'd be nice to have a little look around. Its only a very small village in the Peak District but its very picturesque and always attracts many visitors, especially on the bank holidays.
 We saw lots of ducklings.

 They were so cute!

We had a look around the shops too and found the original Bakewell pudding shop. I'm not actually a fan of the original bakewell pudding, its not quite what you imagine but I really love Bakewell Tart.

 The kids spotted this fab display in a charity shop window and the girls begged me to take photographs. They aren't the highest quality photo's but you get the idea, I hope! The display included dresses made by a local school and included a dress made out of skittle wrappers,
 An IKEA bag
 And ties. Very clever

After we had a walk round we went to Chatsworth for a paddle in the lake. Dad helped the children to turn over stones and look for fish.
 Piper wanted to play with Tallulah, our rescue Jack Russell. But Tallulah doesn't like the water, she preferred to sit and sunbathe.

 After a good paddle and a picnic lunch, where we enjoyed the girls chocolate crunch and Anzac biscuits we had a walk up to the house for ice creams. Cordelia and Ruben found this hollow tree trunk and pretended it was a space rocket and they were blasting off into space.
 There were lots of newborn lambs in the fields, which was so sweet
 A sisterly moment
 Pretending to be statues
More lambs with their mothers

The house was extremely busy but looked very odd as half of the house is covered up by scaffolding due to some restoration work. Still it was a lovely day. We got a local postcard for our flat traveller William, its going in his journal to take back to America.

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