Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bailey's blue ice cream experiment

We have found this fab magazine for Bailey, its called 'How it Works', its a really great magazine to read and has lots of interesting facts, which Bailey loves! He really wanted to try this ice cream experiment from the magazine. He wrote me a list of ingredients to collect from the supermarket and as it was so hot on Thursday he thought it was the perfect day to try it.

Here are the ingredients required, no ice cream maker or cream!
Just ice cubes, milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, food colouring, big & small sandwich bags.
This was the article in the magazine
Bailey had to put all the ingredients, except the ice, in the small bag and then put the ice in the large bag and shake up for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the first bag broke and the ingredients leaked out so he had to start over again. This was fine until four hours later when I took the rubbish out to find he had put the liquid bag of mixture in the bin!! I had a lovely blue leak all over the kitchen floor and right round to our wheelie bin before I noticed! Lovely.......

 This is what the small bag of ice cream looked like after 10 minutes

 After adding some chocolate sauce and sprinkles it was ready to try

It tasted really good actually, which surprised me as there was no churning involved. The magazine says: "Adding salt lowers the freezing point of ice. This means that for the ice to melt, it needs to absorb more energy from the surrounding environment than it normally would in order to melt. The process is endothermic as heat is drawn from the environment by the ice and salt reaction, making the ice colder. This causes the temperature of the milk mixture to drop considerably. It loses energy and freezes, turning from a liquid into solid ice cream".

 There wasn't very much of it though, just enough for everyone to have a little taste. Bailey says next time he is going to triple the ingredients, I also informed him he would have to triple the time he shook the bag for! Funny, he then thought 30 minutes of shaking might be a little too much effort for the ice cream!

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