Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bakewell and Chatsworth

As dad has begun a well earned holiday from work we went off for a family day out to Bakewell. The home ed group had a pottery day at Lathkill Dale last year and I offered to pick up the pots for the group, as they needed picking up from Bakewell I thought it'd be nice to have a little look around. Its only a very small village in the Peak District but its very picturesque and always attracts many visitors, especially on the bank holidays.
 We saw lots of ducklings.

 They were so cute!

We had a look around the shops too and found the original Bakewell pudding shop. I'm not actually a fan of the original bakewell pudding, its not quite what you imagine but I really love Bakewell Tart.

 The kids spotted this fab display in a charity shop window and the girls begged me to take photographs. They aren't the highest quality photo's but you get the idea, I hope! The display included dresses made by a local school and included a dress made out of skittle wrappers,
 An IKEA bag
 And ties. Very clever

After we had a walk round we went to Chatsworth for a paddle in the lake. Dad helped the children to turn over stones and look for fish.
 Piper wanted to play with Tallulah, our rescue Jack Russell. But Tallulah doesn't like the water, she preferred to sit and sunbathe.

 After a good paddle and a picnic lunch, where we enjoyed the girls chocolate crunch and Anzac biscuits we had a walk up to the house for ice creams. Cordelia and Ruben found this hollow tree trunk and pretended it was a space rocket and they were blasting off into space.
 There were lots of newborn lambs in the fields, which was so sweet
 A sisterly moment
 Pretending to be statues
More lambs with their mothers

The house was extremely busy but looked very odd as half of the house is covered up by scaffolding due to some restoration work. Still it was a lovely day. We got a local postcard for our flat traveller William, its going in his journal to take back to America.

Anzac biscuits, chocolate crunch & lollies

The girls really wanted to do some baking on Thursday so we got out one of our favourite kids cookbooks (its our favourite because the recipes are mostly measured in cup sizes, which is so much easier and quicker) the recipes are really simple but very delicious too! Cordelia decided on making a Chocolate Crunch
She had to sift the flour and cocoa into the sugar, cornflakes and coconut and then add the melted butter.
Then the mixture had to be pressed into a greased dish to go in the microwave, never heard of this before so was a bit dubious, the first dish we used was too big for the microwave so Cordelia had to move it to a round dish. It then went on full power for 5 minutes

She then made a delicious fudge icing for the top and sprinkled sugar starnds on the top. I forgot to take a picture of it decorated so this is before it was iced but it was very, very yummy.
Piper picked this recipe for Anzac biscuits, they are named this because traditionally they were made and sent to the ANZAC'S (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) serving in Gallipoli. 
 They were made using, flour, oats, coconut, golden syrup, melted butter and bicarb
 Pier had to cut the butter into pieces ready to be melted
She added the syrup to the melted butter
 Then it was added to the sugar, flour, coconut, oats and bicarb. In the oven they went.

 No pictures at all for these as I totally forgot! They spread so much in the oven that we had to leave them to cool and cut them into biscuit slices with the pizza cutter, they were really delicious though and we will be making them again very soon. Whilst the biscuits were cooking the kids went into the garden and had an ice lolly to cool down, we are so not used to such hot temperatures in April!

Bailey's blue ice cream experiment

We have found this fab magazine for Bailey, its called 'How it Works', its a really great magazine to read and has lots of interesting facts, which Bailey loves! He really wanted to try this ice cream experiment from the magazine. He wrote me a list of ingredients to collect from the supermarket and as it was so hot on Thursday he thought it was the perfect day to try it.

Here are the ingredients required, no ice cream maker or cream!
Just ice cubes, milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, food colouring, big & small sandwich bags.
This was the article in the magazine
Bailey had to put all the ingredients, except the ice, in the small bag and then put the ice in the large bag and shake up for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the first bag broke and the ingredients leaked out so he had to start over again. This was fine until four hours later when I took the rubbish out to find he had put the liquid bag of mixture in the bin!! I had a lovely blue leak all over the kitchen floor and right round to our wheelie bin before I noticed! Lovely.......

 This is what the small bag of ice cream looked like after 10 minutes

 After adding some chocolate sauce and sprinkles it was ready to try

It tasted really good actually, which surprised me as there was no churning involved. The magazine says: "Adding salt lowers the freezing point of ice. This means that for the ice to melt, it needs to absorb more energy from the surrounding environment than it normally would in order to melt. The process is endothermic as heat is drawn from the environment by the ice and salt reaction, making the ice colder. This causes the temperature of the milk mixture to drop considerably. It loses energy and freezes, turning from a liquid into solid ice cream".

 There wasn't very much of it though, just enough for everyone to have a little taste. Bailey says next time he is going to triple the ingredients, I also informed him he would have to triple the time he shook the bag for! Funny, he then thought 30 minutes of shaking might be a little too much effort for the ice cream!

Everything's growing!!

It doesn't seem so long ago when we planted these seeds and I can't believe how fast they are all growing already. I can't wait to have fresh courgettes, carrots, beans, onions, potatoes and onions to dig up!
 Whilst he's not a plant, he certainly is growing and bouncing!
 Sweet peppers, coriander
 The children's sunflowers
 Butternut squash


Even the crystals have finally grown! Its taken quite a while, I've forgotten when we started growing them now and the children were ever so slightly disappointed with them but I thought it was a pretty cool experiment.

You can just see how they have grown on the string.