Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tuesday talks, walks, floats and figures

The weather was so beautiful on Tuesday that we just had to go for a walk! The dog was a bit restless and needed to have a good sniff and run around as dogs do. We set off for a local walk, which is so lovely and quiet (well obviously not when we are walking there but you get the idea...) Cordelia and Ruben found this lovely big branch which then became a horse!
 They also discovered a weir! They might even try fishing right next to hear with daddy as it has some rather big fish in, or so the local fisherman told us! The kids are desperate to go fishing again with daddy
 We walked to the field with, well we are not sure what it is to be honest but we rather like it there. We found these lovely furry buds on the branches, we will be finding out what they are with a bit of help from the nature detectives website.

 Taking a few minutes to explore further
 They almost disappeared!
 But soon came back again....
 After a lovely spring walk we were all ready to do some science! We have been using a book from the library called 'Do Try This At Home'. Its so much fun! We had a go at their hot air balloon experiment, we had to fold and cut sheets of tissue paper (we only had halloween patterns left!) and glue them together to form a hot air balloon. Then we had to use the hair dryer to put hot air inside the bottom of the balloon.

 I know this photo (above) is blurry but they were having so much fun watching it float and its so quick that the camera is actually far too slow to capture a good picture!
We also continued with our maths theme and used a fabulous book by Jonny Ball called 'Think of a Number'. It has a lovely history about where the first numbers came from (Babylonia) and so we sat and made some clay tokens like what was used 6000 years ago. Well I should say that's what we started doing but by the end we were more making mini-figures! Still it was a good way of teaching the kids to think of symbols to represent objects. We also learnt a great trick to remember our 9 times tables (wish I had known about it when I was their age!)

 They made shapes like bread, fish, animal horns, clay jugs, candle holders
It was good fun :-) Who would have thought that maths could be fun?

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