Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thursday farming

Today (which was the coldest day by far this week! Freezing!) we met up with some friends to go to the playground at our local animal farm. Sadly the playground was shut as it having a complete refurbishment! Which is great and very much needed but the kids were a little bit gutted to say the least. They had to settle instead for running around the rose garden and eating their sandwiches to keep warm. After some lunch we walked across to the animal park.
 Cordelia just loves highland cattle, personally I'm a little scared of them since we had a bad experience in Wales with some rather large highland cattle! But it was quite sweet I suppose

 'Oscar' the Owl, who was quite tricky to see perched on his spot. He was rather large and looked like a very wise owl
 A beautiful black pheasant popped up to say hello
 Ruben patiently waited his turn for a go in the tractor. If I had the money (and garden space) I would love to buy an old tractor for the kids to play in, I think it would provide hours of entertainment just for Bubs alone.
 For the life of me I cannot remember what breed of goat these are but they were so adorable. I very (very!) briefly considering buying one as they were for sale but then I was hit with reality again! Still, you never know.
 Atiny guinea pig in the top left hand corner, Ruben wanted one of these to bring home today!
 So cute
 Mummy and me
 Piglets, they are cute but the goats were much cuter
 Feeding the goats. Cordelia is very fair and wouldn't have any pushing or shoving. She tried to give them all an equal share
 So did Ruben
 Piper wasn't fussed about feeding the animal, she was happy to watch the younger to get on with it. We have just about defrosted, it was soooo cold today! When we got home Bailey made us a very delicious lasagna for tea. He did the majority of it himself and I just played sous chef and tidied up the aftermath!

 Frying some of the ingredients
 Layering it all up
And finally the finished result, it was rather yummy and we made far too much so we will be having leftovers with pasta tomorrow for tea, yum :-)


  1. I think the goats are Anglo-Nubians. We kept some when I was a teenager. x

  2. The lasagna looks very tasty. It's making me hungry just looking at the photo!

  3. Yes that's it Geoff! Thank you

  4. Yes it was very yummy Bec x