Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sherwood Pines, Dogs and Jam slice

On Sunday we went with my in laws to Sherwood Pines, we haven't been here for quite a while so it was lovely to come back. The last time we came we got a bit lost as its such a huge place and we were starting to get a bit worried as we hadn't seen another soul for about two hours. Then out of the forest and onto the path stepped a huge stag closely followed by two female dear. It was a beautiful moment but also a little scary as they were quite close and much larger when you are so close to them. My in laws brought their two dogs along too, they have a German Shepard called Petra and an Irish Jack Russell puppy called Paddy. Our Jack Russell Tallulah is already friends with Petra but this was the first time that she had met Paddy. Que lots of barking! Still, after a while they got on quite well and were very well behaved. Its sweet how the dogs are so protective over the kids, if one of them runs a little bit ahead all the dogs get a bit restless and try to chase them and get them back. They like to be able to keep us all together. Especially Petra! The rain managed just to stay off and we had a nice walk finished with a big play in the playground. 
Ruben found lots and lots of pinecones to throw
Whilst my mother-in-law spotted this tiny newt on the floor! It was so sweet. Cordelia couldn't resist having a little hold
And seeing what his belly looked like too before we put him safely back in amongst the grass, twigs and branches

 Ruben found these fungi and took this picture
 He also found a den that had been left so made himself at home in it

 The kids found this big bug/bird/insect to climb on and pretended it was a Pokemon (Ruben has a new game for the Wii called Poke Park so they are all having a bit of a moment with Pokemon again. We have so many figures that I am finding them everywhere at the moment, in the bathroom, under the sofa, on the kitchen sides, in cupboards on the stairs...... Still, its lovely that they ALL play it together so I'm not complaining).

 We went home for tea and daddy made pizza's whilst Cordelia made a yummy jam slice topped with cornflakes for afters! It was very yummy even though it didn't quite go to plan. But that's an important lesson for her, sometimes with baking things go wrong, you run out of an ingredient (like coconut!) and have to use a substitute ingredient (in this case cornflakes covered in syrup)

 Or it doesn't come out of the tin quite right, like this jam slice! Still tasted yummy though!

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