Thursday, 31 March 2011

Puppies, puppies, puppies

My mum's dog Sadie (a springer spaniel) has recently given birth to 7 baby Sprockers (Dad Otis is a Cocker Spaniel) They are adorable and as my children are animal mad, they thoroughly enjoyed having a visit to hold the puppies at nannan's house. My brother is having one of the puppies and 2 other's have already been reserved. The kids really wanted us to have one too but Tallulah (our 4 year old rescued Jack Russell ) might not get along too well with a new puppy in the house. And in all fairness as cute as they are we already have 3 cats and a hamster in addition to Tallulah, so think we have a full house! Plus, camping would be a nightmare with a new puppy too and we are all so excited about camping again this year.

 Piper loved this puppy until it pooped on her! Then she wasn't that interested, which again shows who would be left clearing up after a new puppy-me!
Still hasn't stopped Cordelia giving me her puppy-dog eyes face! Please mummy.......
The girls recently watched Crufts 2011, we went last year when it was at the NEC, it was an Easter gift from my mother in law and was a real experience. Very much an eye opener into the world of dogs. I would really like us to have 'Basset Griffon Vendeen' which won the reserve this year but we will have to see............

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