Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Planting, BBQ's and the Supermoon!!

The weather was so lovely Saturday morning and I awoke to the attic being flooded with sunlight, which was such a nice feeling! Feels like Spring has finally arrived in the UK. So not wanting to waste a moment of the glorious temperatures of 14 degrees we took the dog for a lovely walk in the woods first thing after breakfast. Then we went straight off to the garden centre and bought lots of things to plant. Daddy dug a small patch in the garden too ready for when we move the established seedlings into a bigger patch. As we don't have a very big garden we are going to plant most things in big pots and put them around the garden. I am hoping to use as much available space to grow as many things that we can eat as possible! 

 Ruben made a start on the wormery he got for Christmas from his grandparents. He has been desperate to use it ever since he opened it Christmas morning.  So he started off by layering the wormery with mud and then thin layers of sand until he reached 3/4 full. He put the worms in the top and a few drops of water and we will have to wait and see how they get on. It has to be kept out of direct sunlight and kept quite moist too. Ruben is keeping it in his bedroom cupboard as there is plenty of space and no sunlight in there.

 Daddy found him some worms whilst digging our mini veg patch so he had plenty to use, including this huge worm he found too! We decided it was a little bit too big for this though and put him back in the mud instead.

 Meanwhile the girls and Bailey got busy planting sunflowers, parsnips, strawberries, courgettes, herbs, onions, sweet peppers, carrots, lettuce, broccoli and potatoes. Hopefully, at least some of it will grow and we can make some nice soups, stews and salads with all the produce! Can't wait....

 We also had our very first BBQ of the year, which was lovely, we all really enjoy eating outside. Bailey did most of the cooking and really enjoyed himself, which is nice as he hardly ever wants to leave his room these days! He even played football with the dog, not sure who was more shocked by that, the dog or us, as Bailey is firmly a cat kinda man!

We hoped to stay out long enough to see the supermoon that was scheduled for Saturday night but it got a bit cold and we were all a bit tired too. So, we went inside to make hot chocolates and watch it through the window. It looked pretty spectacular when it first came up, it was all a burnt orange colour but sadly the camera couldn't quite get a good picture. Still I had a good try and this is what came out:

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