Thursday, 31 March 2011

Park Days

We had a quiet kind of day today, we were meant to go to a friend's but her daughter was poorly (get well soon J :-)). So, we played Globetrotter, very unsuccessfully! Does anyone else have those days when the kids just fight and argue? Or is it just my children?? Anyhoo, I packed the kids and Tallulah into the car as it was sunny outside, albeit extremely blustery and we headed to a park we haven't been to for quite a while. Actually it was a nice discovery as its very close by and just enough of a walk round for everyone. We took scooters, Ruben has a new scooter and so has been desperate to go out on it.

 The kids loved this ride 'Ridge Rider', well I say kids, I mean Bailey!! He thought it most amusing! Especially watching the younger three's faces whilst they were on it. Piper fell off quite hard, bless her, so not sure she will be attempting it again any time soon! Bailey was a very good big brother though and helped all of them on the ride, pushing them up to the top. Such a sweetie :-)

 We had a lovely walk around the lake, watching the ducks jump in and surf the waves! And then a little play in the playground before home for tea (pancakes tonight, since you ask!)

 Awwww brotherly love!
We all come home much more relaxed after some fresh air.


  1. That park equipment looks great fun - I'd have to have a go of that myself ;-)
    I love the way that time spent in the fresh air allows everyone to relax - and with pancakes to look forward to afterwards I expect the kids forgot to fall out - at least for a while ;-) S X

  2. Great photos. I like the look of the ridge rider, very exciting!
    Bec x