Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Museum Education Day

I organised a trip for our local home ed group to Clifton Park Museum, there were around 16 children and 6/7 adults so not a bad turnout and it was quite a cheap workshop. First up was learning to wash the Victorian way with dolly tubs and washboards. I thought the soap smelt lovely but the kids didn't! It was a lot of work and there were lots of splashing around.
I think this was a plunger? 
After all that washing it was time to put it through the mangle to squeeze any excess water out.

After all that washing (it took 15-20 minutes to wash 1 tea towel!!) we had a trip into the cellar, which was surprisingly warm. The guide switched all the lights off and put a candle on for the children to see what it would have been like going down in there as a servant.
Then it was our turn to do some Victorian baking on the range, which was in beautiful condition and very well looked after.
Aprons on ready
The range, which was lovely and warm
Bailey doing a grand job of chopping up apple
Mixing butter and sugar
Throwing apple cores and peel on the fire
Mixing in the flour
Mixing in the chopped apple
Spooning the mixture onto the baking tray.
My friend toasting muffins on the range, it was so hot that she had really pink cheeks when she came back to the table!!
Who wants a biscuit??

Yum, oat and apple biscuits and hot, buttered muffins!
 After the museum the group went into the playground to burn some energy off. It was quite cold though so I left my camera in my bag, hence no photo's of the kids having a whale of a time in the park. Shame! But we did have a lovely time and the staff were very good with the children.

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