Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mummy's day off at the NEC

On Sunday I had a very rare change, a whole day of no children. I LOVE being with my kids but every now and again its nice to feel like 'Zoe' for a while! Very strange though as I panic regularly thinking I have forgotten something, I'm so used to counting 1, 2, 3, 4 (headcheck!). I think the girls would have really enjoyed it too so next year they can come along too. It was a hobby and sewing fair. There were so many stalls it was a little overwhelming at first. My mother in law kindly bought our tickets as a special treat, we both share similar hobbies, although she is way more advanced than me in sewing and knitting!
 I didn't take many photo's but I loved this. It was a whole undersea theme, which had been entirely knitted in support of the RNLI. I particularly loved the knitted lighthouse (I am a teeny bit obsessed with lighthouses and windmills) and knitted seagulls
 I think this jelly fish may have been crocheted but not sure?
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the knitted shark!! So cool
 And another lighthouse. Even the shells were knitted, and star fishes too.
 I took this photo for Piper who loves fashion. Her godmother bought her a 'Klutz-Paper Fashions Book' for her birthday and since then she has been hooked. She recently bought herself 'Another Klutz Paper Fashions Book' and is eagerly awaiting the new Book out in August. She sits for hours stencilling, cutting and gluing the outfits together and then habging them on the little metal hangers. The corset was from a display featured at the Snibston Discovery Centre. I plan on taking the girls there very soon for a visit as I think they will LOVE it.
Also a photo for Piper, a fashion show! She would have just loved this. In fact both my daughters would! They are both so creative, if Cordelia didn't want to be a vet I could easily see them designing clothes together. Anyway, next post, whilst I was away what did Daddy do with the children?

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