Thursday, 31 March 2011

Family day at the Butterfly House

On Saturday we had a family trip to the Butterfly House, a local radio station was giving out tickets so we managed to get two of the children in for free! Always a bonus as it can be expensive being a family of 6! The last time we visited here I was heavily pregnant with Ruben and Cordelia (who was just one at the time) fell backwards off a wall and I had to take her to A & E. A very distressing afternoon! She was absolutely fine but I felt awful, like the worst mum ever. So I was hoping to have a much better visit this time! The weather was against us a bit this time, I can't believe how sunny it had been on Tuesday at the farm to how cold it was on Saturday.
 First up was the the tropical butterfly house, which was lovely and warm. So warm in fact that even my camera steamed up! Here Ruben is wondering whether to dare to put his hands in the feely boxes after me telling him about the 'BEWARE' sign! He did though, very brave!

 A bumblebee frog
 Terrapin's! Gosh I love these

 Stick insects, Piper wanted one of these for ages, I'm quite glad she changed her mind
 The butterflies were flying everywhere. They were highly attracted to the colour red and kept flying on my friend's daughters coat, she was not impressed!
 When I pressed the button on this shot, Cordelia was actually holding a beautiful butterfly, but sadly it flew away sharpish when I took the photo! Obviously this one was camera shy
 Leaf cutting ants, I could watch these all day!
 More terrapin's sitting on a log this time
 Up close, their markings are so intricate

 Leaf cutting ant base.
 Ruben nearly getting eaten by the fish
 Piper feeding the Lorikeet's
 They were so colourful but knocked all the things off this table trying to drink all the cups of syrup.

 Two sleeping bats
 The pupa's all lined up in a row. This butterfly was half out of it's pupa
 Playing the water squirting game, lots of laughs here but it was so cold I have no idea why they wanted to get soaked!
 Using their coats to get past without being soaked.
 In the drum shed
 Quietly looking for birds
 Meeting the Meerkats and feeding them mealworms
 This toy was a HUGE source of entertainment! It blew air out of the top and could keep the ball hoovering over it. Although, my children were more interested in using the air to blow their hair back!

 Piper played this game for ages, she laughed so hard she was nearly crying, I wonder if I could get one for home? Or maybe buy her a hairdryer?

 I love the blurry movement of this photo
 Cordelia and Ruben
 Piper, still playing with this machine

 Even Bailey joined in for a bit too
 Caged children!! This was them off for a tractor ride around the park.
 After all that fun they went to burn some energy off in the play area.

I think my favourite part was watching the parrot show, I didn't get any photo's though but they werer such clever birds. We saw Ruby who could say her name, hello and also play dead. Coco could skateboard and ride a bike and my favourite, Jasper who could tell us what noise dogs and cats could make. Very funny!

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