Thursday, 31 March 2011

Daddy's Day

Very hard for me to tell you what's going on in these photo's as I wasn't here so all I can say is that when I did get home the house smelt delicious! The children were happy and had lots to tell me!
 They had done more gardening, re-potting some of our courgettes as in only a week they have grown so much. Planting carrots, beetroot and broccoli in the veg patch.
 Piper made buzzy bees out of peanut butter-delicious!
 Cordelia made cherry biscuits with cherry yogurt icing-yummy!

 Ta-da! The finished buzzy bee on the cake stand, accompanied by their very own flower!
 And cherry yogurt biscuits, iced and ready to eat

 This is our middle-oldest cat-Thundercat!

 He loves being in the garden with the children, but only when the sun is out!

Looks to me like they had a lot of fun with daddy1 Maybe I should have days off more often??

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