Thursday, 31 March 2011

Daddy and Boo gone fishing!

Hubby is so excited that its warmed up enough to start fishing again, especially now he has the pond we found to go fishing on. He got up at 5am to go fishing for a few hours by himself Saturday morning, he hates to miss any time at the weekend with us so this is his compromise. Last year on his birthday I bought him a fishing license, he hadn't been fishing in over 14 years, since we got together and when he did go it was with all of us, so a very different experience. The children all enjoyed it but Cordelia really loves it. She also loves having one-on-one time (who doesn't?) and its something we are trying to do a little bit more of with each of them. On Monday hubby finished work a little early and off they went together to the fishing pond. He took these two photographs which I think are beautiful.

I especially LOVE this shot. Hubby said Cordelia looked for lots of insects, frog spawn and birds. They were lucky enough to see lots of birds, including a tree creeper, and heard a pair of woodpeckers and an owl! She came back very tired (the hour difference at the weekend, BST, always knocks my kids for six!) but very happy :-)

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