Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cordelia's creative afternoon

We are only weeks away from Cordelia being 9! How did that happen? She is planning a small tea party for a few friends and wanted to make some invites by herself and post them. I bought her some lovely cupcake shaped cards and she has very busily been decorating them and writing in them. She is very excited about her birthday and wants me to make a princess castle cake in sky blue with dark blue turrets. Luckily for me I did her first birthday cake in the shape of a princess castle (a pink one) so I have had a bit of practice!
 After she had finished writing all her invites out, she got to work on finishing her 'paint-your-own-pottery' set that she got for her birthday last year. She had already finished a small box and photo frame and now had another small box and two vases to finish off. She has done a beautiful waterfall at night design on her box.
 And two very jazzy patterns on her vases
 She even found a fresh daffodil to put in this one! They look so lovely, I have put them in our family room display cabinet to keep them safe from being knocked over and for us all to enjoy.

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