Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chesterfield Canal

Last weekend we had a lovely walk to Chesterfield Canal. We haven't visited there before but have been meaning to for a while. It was very quiet and serene, I really love walking next to the water. The kids took lots of bread to feed the ducks.
And as usual ended up eating lots of it themselves, luckily it was fresh bread, good job!

As we walked along we noticed lots of mosaic tiles on the floor. This is an owl
A tortoise
Daddy's favourite-Fish!
You can ride on this boat in the summer so think we will have to come back for a boat ride. I am presuming my sea-sickness with be ok as it'll be very gentle, but I'm still wary.
Geese to feed too!
Cordelia always finds a horse somewhere, this beautiful horse was standing very still in the lovely warm sun.
Ruben found a lovely little ladybird
We had a lovely walk and its so nice that its getting warmer finally, I'm really looking forwards to Spring :-)

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