Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Campfires and smores

My friend Beccy over at 4 kids blog gave us the inspiration to buy our own fire pit so we could have our own fires at home but not damage our grass. We really enjoyed having fires outside at Beccy's house and the kids really wanted to have one in our garden so this was a good compromise. Ever since they made these smores at there friends house the kids have wanted to do them again so I got some tin foil, chocolate digestives and mini marshmallows (but forgot the chocolate buttons my friend used!) and the kids set to wrapping them up tightly to go on the fire.
On with our coats and outside we went! The kids helped dad roll up pieces of scrap paper to start the fire and throw them in the fire pit.

Bailey wanted to help light the fire
Ruben had a quick play on the swing whilst he was waiting for the fire to start
It was very impressive when it did
The smores cooking on the fire, we used our BBQ grill to put them on
A big sky kiss!
A little cuddle with Coco the cat
Patiently waiting for the smores to melt

The first star came out
Finally, they were ready

And eaten very quickly!
Then it was time for singing! Since the kids have started singing lessons they sing in the house all the time which is lovely! The younger three did all the actions and songs from singing class whilst me, dad and Bailey watched! Piper has a solo for the concert and is super excited and very diligently practising.

I took this picture of the fire pit as I think it looks quite like a fire breathing dragon!

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  1. Fab!! We should try that this year, M is mad about fires!