Thursday, 3 March 2011

Birds, mud, ladders, swings and weeeeeeeeeeee

It was the monthly home ed meet up at our local nature reserve yesterday. The weather was colder, much more so than yesterday! But it was nice to be out two days in a row! First we did some bird watching, and Cordelia did some burrow hunting.

 Bailey spotted a few different breeds
 Look at this big space where a tree's roots had been...
 Looking for more birds
 After warming up with lunch and hot chocolates we set off to a different part of the reserve, the woods, to make some playground equipment with ropes and tarpaulin. The girls set to work on a rope ladder, it was very tricky though...
 Ruben just ran around collecting sticks
 And anything else he could find! Snail shells anyone?

 Even Bailey (who is turning into a super stroppy teenager, despite being a good few weeks away from being 13!!) managed to break a smile and join in!
 He made a double swing with his friend
 Still trying to make the ladder.I helped a little but to be honest I'm not very good at this sort of thing and I also think its important not to take over when they are trying to do something like this. It gives them such a real sense of achievement when they manage to plan and build something for themselves.
 Piper and her friend decided upon a double seat swing!
 And got to work , with hardly any help from me
 Ta-da! A rope see-saw
 Bailey took this photo, I think its lovely. maybe he takes after me and prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front of it

 Hurrah!! The ladder is finished with some helper from the ranger,
 A friendship swing!
We were so cold and tired when we came home but it was lovely to be outdoors. Hopefully we are closer to Spring now March is here.

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