Thursday, 31 March 2011

Park Days

We had a quiet kind of day today, we were meant to go to a friend's but her daughter was poorly (get well soon J :-)). So, we played Globetrotter, very unsuccessfully! Does anyone else have those days when the kids just fight and argue? Or is it just my children?? Anyhoo, I packed the kids and Tallulah into the car as it was sunny outside, albeit extremely blustery and we headed to a park we haven't been to for quite a while. Actually it was a nice discovery as its very close by and just enough of a walk round for everyone. We took scooters, Ruben has a new scooter and so has been desperate to go out on it.

 The kids loved this ride 'Ridge Rider', well I say kids, I mean Bailey!! He thought it most amusing! Especially watching the younger three's faces whilst they were on it. Piper fell off quite hard, bless her, so not sure she will be attempting it again any time soon! Bailey was a very good big brother though and helped all of them on the ride, pushing them up to the top. Such a sweetie :-)

 We had a lovely walk around the lake, watching the ducks jump in and surf the waves! And then a little play in the playground before home for tea (pancakes tonight, since you ask!)

 Awwww brotherly love!
We all come home much more relaxed after some fresh air.

Daddy and Boo gone fishing!

Hubby is so excited that its warmed up enough to start fishing again, especially now he has the pond we found to go fishing on. He got up at 5am to go fishing for a few hours by himself Saturday morning, he hates to miss any time at the weekend with us so this is his compromise. Last year on his birthday I bought him a fishing license, he hadn't been fishing in over 14 years, since we got together and when he did go it was with all of us, so a very different experience. The children all enjoyed it but Cordelia really loves it. She also loves having one-on-one time (who doesn't?) and its something we are trying to do a little bit more of with each of them. On Monday hubby finished work a little early and off they went together to the fishing pond. He took these two photographs which I think are beautiful.

I especially LOVE this shot. Hubby said Cordelia looked for lots of insects, frog spawn and birds. They were lucky enough to see lots of birds, including a tree creeper, and heard a pair of woodpeckers and an owl! She came back very tired (the hour difference at the weekend, BST, always knocks my kids for six!) but very happy :-)

Puppies, puppies, puppies

My mum's dog Sadie (a springer spaniel) has recently given birth to 7 baby Sprockers (Dad Otis is a Cocker Spaniel) They are adorable and as my children are animal mad, they thoroughly enjoyed having a visit to hold the puppies at nannan's house. My brother is having one of the puppies and 2 other's have already been reserved. The kids really wanted us to have one too but Tallulah (our 4 year old rescued Jack Russell ) might not get along too well with a new puppy in the house. And in all fairness as cute as they are we already have 3 cats and a hamster in addition to Tallulah, so think we have a full house! Plus, camping would be a nightmare with a new puppy too and we are all so excited about camping again this year.

 Piper loved this puppy until it pooped on her! Then she wasn't that interested, which again shows who would be left clearing up after a new puppy-me!
Still hasn't stopped Cordelia giving me her puppy-dog eyes face! Please mummy.......
The girls recently watched Crufts 2011, we went last year when it was at the NEC, it was an Easter gift from my mother in law and was a real experience. Very much an eye opener into the world of dogs. I would really like us to have 'Basset Griffon Vendeen' which won the reserve this year but we will have to see............

Daddy's Day

Very hard for me to tell you what's going on in these photo's as I wasn't here so all I can say is that when I did get home the house smelt delicious! The children were happy and had lots to tell me!
 They had done more gardening, re-potting some of our courgettes as in only a week they have grown so much. Planting carrots, beetroot and broccoli in the veg patch.
 Piper made buzzy bees out of peanut butter-delicious!
 Cordelia made cherry biscuits with cherry yogurt icing-yummy!

 Ta-da! The finished buzzy bee on the cake stand, accompanied by their very own flower!
 And cherry yogurt biscuits, iced and ready to eat

 This is our middle-oldest cat-Thundercat!

 He loves being in the garden with the children, but only when the sun is out!

Looks to me like they had a lot of fun with daddy1 Maybe I should have days off more often??

Mummy's day off at the NEC

On Sunday I had a very rare change, a whole day of no children. I LOVE being with my kids but every now and again its nice to feel like 'Zoe' for a while! Very strange though as I panic regularly thinking I have forgotten something, I'm so used to counting 1, 2, 3, 4 (headcheck!). I think the girls would have really enjoyed it too so next year they can come along too. It was a hobby and sewing fair. There were so many stalls it was a little overwhelming at first. My mother in law kindly bought our tickets as a special treat, we both share similar hobbies, although she is way more advanced than me in sewing and knitting!
 I didn't take many photo's but I loved this. It was a whole undersea theme, which had been entirely knitted in support of the RNLI. I particularly loved the knitted lighthouse (I am a teeny bit obsessed with lighthouses and windmills) and knitted seagulls
 I think this jelly fish may have been crocheted but not sure?
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the knitted shark!! So cool
 And another lighthouse. Even the shells were knitted, and star fishes too.
 I took this photo for Piper who loves fashion. Her godmother bought her a 'Klutz-Paper Fashions Book' for her birthday and since then she has been hooked. She recently bought herself 'Another Klutz Paper Fashions Book' and is eagerly awaiting the new Book out in August. She sits for hours stencilling, cutting and gluing the outfits together and then habging them on the little metal hangers. The corset was from a display featured at the Snibston Discovery Centre. I plan on taking the girls there very soon for a visit as I think they will LOVE it.
Also a photo for Piper, a fashion show! She would have just loved this. In fact both my daughters would! They are both so creative, if Cordelia didn't want to be a vet I could easily see them designing clothes together. Anyway, next post, whilst I was away what did Daddy do with the children?

Family day at the Butterfly House

On Saturday we had a family trip to the Butterfly House, a local radio station was giving out tickets so we managed to get two of the children in for free! Always a bonus as it can be expensive being a family of 6! The last time we visited here I was heavily pregnant with Ruben and Cordelia (who was just one at the time) fell backwards off a wall and I had to take her to A & E. A very distressing afternoon! She was absolutely fine but I felt awful, like the worst mum ever. So I was hoping to have a much better visit this time! The weather was against us a bit this time, I can't believe how sunny it had been on Tuesday at the farm to how cold it was on Saturday.
 First up was the the tropical butterfly house, which was lovely and warm. So warm in fact that even my camera steamed up! Here Ruben is wondering whether to dare to put his hands in the feely boxes after me telling him about the 'BEWARE' sign! He did though, very brave!

 A bumblebee frog
 Terrapin's! Gosh I love these

 Stick insects, Piper wanted one of these for ages, I'm quite glad she changed her mind
 The butterflies were flying everywhere. They were highly attracted to the colour red and kept flying on my friend's daughters coat, she was not impressed!
 When I pressed the button on this shot, Cordelia was actually holding a beautiful butterfly, but sadly it flew away sharpish when I took the photo! Obviously this one was camera shy
 Leaf cutting ants, I could watch these all day!
 More terrapin's sitting on a log this time
 Up close, their markings are so intricate

 Leaf cutting ant base.
 Ruben nearly getting eaten by the fish
 Piper feeding the Lorikeet's
 They were so colourful but knocked all the things off this table trying to drink all the cups of syrup.

 Two sleeping bats
 The pupa's all lined up in a row. This butterfly was half out of it's pupa
 Playing the water squirting game, lots of laughs here but it was so cold I have no idea why they wanted to get soaked!
 Using their coats to get past without being soaked.
 In the drum shed
 Quietly looking for birds
 Meeting the Meerkats and feeding them mealworms
 This toy was a HUGE source of entertainment! It blew air out of the top and could keep the ball hoovering over it. Although, my children were more interested in using the air to blow their hair back!

 Piper played this game for ages, she laughed so hard she was nearly crying, I wonder if I could get one for home? Or maybe buy her a hairdryer?

 I love the blurry movement of this photo
 Cordelia and Ruben
 Piper, still playing with this machine

 Even Bailey joined in for a bit too
 Caged children!! This was them off for a tractor ride around the park.
 After all that fun they went to burn some energy off in the play area.

I think my favourite part was watching the parrot show, I didn't get any photo's though but they werer such clever birds. We saw Ruby who could say her name, hello and also play dead. Coco could skateboard and ride a bike and my favourite, Jasper who could tell us what noise dogs and cats could make. Very funny!