Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Weekday crafts, oil fields and lunar lava

We have been watching avidly the Bruce Parry Arctic programme on BBC1, for the last few weeks. We were inspired after watching our latest episode, which showed the damage caused by oil fields such as 'Tar Sands' in Northern Canada, to make some posters and also do some creative writing. The girls really enjoyed drawing their posters and trying to get the message across. Their creative writing task was to write a story about how they would feel going on their first hunting experience. The last few episodes we have watched have been so insightful into how indigenous tribes have had to adapt to modern society and how this has affected their hunting. Its such an important part of there heritage and even though it is quite shocking at times for the children they have all grasped a much better understanding of how important it is to the futures of the tribes. There is so much we can learn from these people and it has brought about some amazing and interesting thoughts, feelings and questions for all of us.
 The girls proudly showing off their posters. We took the dog for a little walk to the shops today and the council are re-covering our main road with tarmac, Bruce spoke about how on a visit to the Tar fields in the programme the smell from the oil was like fresh tarmac on a road. How perfect for the children to have had the experience today of smelling that exact same smell! Have to say though, they agreed with Bruce and thought it smelt awful, they were quite upset to think they would have to smell that all the time if they lived in the same village as one of the tribes.
After we got home from our walk the postman had been and delivered Bub's fresh batch of Lunar Lava for his Martian Matter Alien Maker. He got this for his birthday and LOVES it. He ran out of goo (lunar lava) and saved his pocket money up to buy some more.

 In with the goo
 Mixing the goo colours
 Rolling the meteor mud over the top
 Checking the new aliens
 Ta-da!! Finished aliens.....
Whilst Bub's was creating his own alien army, the girls and I decided to make some personalised bunting for their bedrooms.
 Love Boo's owl

 And Pippi's crown
 Again ta-da! Finished and hung in her pony room! Love the ladybird and the turtle
 As Ruben was busy I made this one for him and he LOVES it
This is Piper's, she really put a lot of thought and effort into this design and I think it is super cool! I also made one but didn't take a photo, we all had such a fun time.
 This is finally the finished engine that Bub's started over Christmas. It has now been painted and stickered up!

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  1. Love the bunting! I had meant to make some for A's room, but still have never managed it. Maybe I should enlist her help :)