Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesday walks and crystal growing

We have had a really busy week so far this week so today was a home day. I had lots of washing, cleaning and sorting to do and really needed a day in. We took the dog for a walk first though as she really needed some sniffing time outside and I find all of the children much happier when they have had a walk even if its only half an hour. Whilst walking they always have such great ideas, today they all decided to have a go at growing some crystals. So they each collected a pebble to take home and whilst I had to wash the dog, who had got very muddy during our walk and clean out Ruben's hamster Doris, Piper showed everyone what to do courtesy of 'The Girls Best Book'.
 First they had to tie their pebble to a piece of string and then to a pencil.
 Then we got some warm water and filled our plastic cups 3/4 full. The children didn't want to write their name son so instead they each picked a colour and used food dye to distinguish which one is which.

So now the race is on to see who can grow crystals first or if they will grow at all? I should add that I'm not being particularly patriotic but that these cups are left over from a world cup party last year!

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