Monday, 7 February 2011

Wednesday at the nature reserve

On Wednesday the children really needed some fresh air (in particular Bubs!) so we went along to our local nature reserve where the ranger does a monthly group for home educating children. The first thing we had to do was go and collect different branches from different types of trees.

 Everybody took it in turns to use the cutters and cut different twigs of the trees.

 There were lots of different trees to look around
 Boo found a teeny tiny caterpillar in a tree
 Pippi is showing off her hair style. (Her and Boo got a lovely hairstyles book out of the library last week and have been practising lots. I really like this one, its a little bit star-wars-ish!)
 Bubs proving to be that the pond was indeed frozen. A little bit like me at this point in the morning!

 Collecting willow to twist
 The boys ran off ahead to do there own project and had already gone back to base and found which type of trees their branches were from. I know Bailey looks bored on this photo but he really had a good time, I think his teenage hormones are kicking in already despite having another 4 months before he turns fully teenage on us!
 The girls working together to identify their branches
 Boys playing with friends. It was so lovely to see them having fun together.
 Boo climbing a tree, for a change :-))
 Drawing trees with charcoal. The pictures were really good
 Trying our hand at pyrography after lunch. The smell of the wood burning was really quite nice, although I was concerned with the flame as bubs was a little bit heavy handed at times. He did a design of a treasure hunt around his photo frame.
Bailey did a lovely photo frame for me, bless. Boo did a horse-themed design which was super! Pippi did a lovely design with her name and our dog's name on it too. They look really quite fab on the windowsill and still smell wonderful. I had a look how much the pyrography machines would be to buy as they all had so much fun using them but at £100 we might have to save up!

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