Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tuesday pancakes, chickens and famous five adventures!

Yesterday we went over to see my friend Beccy to celebrate pancake day. My super-organised friend had printed recipe sheets off for the children to follow. With seven children, (Bailey stayed home to do some activities with dad) we thought it would be hard work, but they were so good and it was so much fun! They worked in two groups with Ruben as official taste tester! His most favourite job and he's pretty darn good at it too!
 They each weighed out their ingredients, one group using the luxury ingredient of golden syrup in their pancake mix and the other two using grated orange.

 The girls worked so well together, a real team effort
 Ruben over-seeing the mixing

 Using the hand mixer, which they all thought was lots of fun
 Grating the orange zest with extra help from the little ones
 Frying the pancakes!
 Cordelia took this picture
 And this one of me flipping the pancakes as the pan was heavy for the kids to do it.
 Writing a pancake poem altogether. Which was excellent!
 Time to go out in my friend's immense garden! Its like having a day out as its such a large property. Pippi found some beautiful snowdrops and my friend explained to her how some of them look like little cabbages inside the snowdrop.
 Pretending to be Roman archaeologists and digging up pieces of pottery
 Love this picture of the weeping willow
 Finally meeting the chickens, they are so lovely and laying eggs already which shows what good care and attention they are getting to be producing eggs already!
More snowdrops!
The children all went inside the summer house and I really wish I had taken a photograph because they looked so cute. My friend made them up some hot chocolate, toast and biscuits to warm them up. It was like a famous five adventure. Thanks Beccy for such a wonderful Tuesday :-)

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  1. Nice! But did you really toss that pancake? Without actually seeing one spinning in the air I'm a bit dubious - that frying pan is so darn heavy.