Monday, 28 February 2011

A trip to Ikea

 Well last week passed in a bit of a haze! As it was school holidays here I was kept super busy by the kids who always meet up with their school-friends, so there were sleepovers, trips to the cinema (we went to see The Voyager of the Dawn Treader, which was a very good film and has ignited our love of the Narnia books again!) and general catch ups with friends we don't see as much as we'd like too. I was exhausted by Friday. We have been re-doing our dining room into a family room as we don't really use it as a formal dining room because we have a table in the kitchen. I will post pictures of the new room in my next blog post as I haven't taken a any photo's yet. So..... as we were doing our 'family room' up we needed a new bookcase, where best to have a trip out? IKEA!!! The kids love Ikea, I have no idea why but they love skipping around the living rooms they have set up and playing 'house' in the kitchen areas. There aren't many photo's as...well they just weren't still longer for my phone to take photo's!!

 Having lunch in the 'new' kitchen
 Cordelia is ready to tackle the pots!
 The best bit about Ikea is the food court afterwards. Where else can a family of 6 have a main course (hot dogs) free refill drinks and a dessert (ice cream since you ask!) for less than £10? No where! We rarely eat out as a family because its just too expensive so this was a nice treat. I'm not promoting unhealthy foods either but every now and again a little treat is good for the soul! And we did burn bags of energy off walking (or running in some cases!) around the shop first so I don't feel too guilty!

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