Monday, 21 February 2011

Ruben's turn for baking

Well we had plans for a carrot cake but he wanted to make cupcakes instead and as we have a house full as its the holidays and we have friends sleeping over and children sleeping out! So lots of extra mouths to feed and daddy too of course!
 He took ages to sort out what colour cupcake cases he wanted to use
 In the end he went for using an equal amount of all of the colours and worked out that he had 24 cupcake cases.
 Measuring his ingredients out and memorising my recipe

 Ooops too much flour, so back in the bag it goes
 Cracking the eggs in a separate bowl
 My turn for the electric mixer
 Into the cupcake cases
 Best bit? Licking the spoon of course!
Finally the decorating, melted white choclate and sprinkles! Yummy yum

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