Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our first try at Geocaching

Ruben has been drawing treasure maps for a little while now (so sweet!) so we thought what better than a real-life treasure hunt? A friend had recommended geocaching to me a while ago (thanks Kirsty :-)) and so we thought we'd give it a try. We found there are quite a few local to us so off we set on Sunday morning, we went past this lovely church,(I was a bridesmaid here many moons ago!) and down a big hill
 Here we all are wrapped up warm and eager to go

 Ruben's treasure map. Daddy was the Captain and I was second in charge apparently!
 A knotted tree, this looked so weird I just had to take a photograph
 Looking at the knotted tree!
 Climbing over logs. Ruben said to Pippi (who was a princess for the treasure hunt) "Don't fall into the water princess, be careful" (soooo cute!)
 Making it safely to the other side.
 The Seldom Seen Engine House, very spooky and apparently named because of the seldom seen ghost!
 Can you just make out the slag heap? Coal used to be mined here a long time ago. My uncle used to be a miner near here before all the pits closed down.
 Down quite a steep hill, which all of us managed carefully except daddy! He fell all the way down it but it wasn't his fault, it was the dog's obviously! Hmmmmm.........
 Checking on our phone the exact location of the cache
 Bailey seeing if he could work out where it was too
 All four of them ran off to see who could find the buried cache first
 Bailey found it!! And back down to see what was in it.
 Lots of different things so Cordelia swopped her homemade teddy necklace for a doctor who badge and I wrote in the comments book.
Inside the spooky building. Funny how these places can be so close to where you live and yet you don't know about them! So our first experience of geocaching was a very good one and we will definitely be trying it again soon.

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