Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Monday singing, playing and shopping

Yesterday the younger three went for their second singing lesson, they are really enjoying it and sing all the way back home in the car, which is so sweet to hear. There are around 10 other home educated children that attend and it really is a fun 45 minutes. As the sun was shining I took them to the playground with some friends to burn a bit of energy off. They had a great time running around, laughing and climbing to the top of the climbing frame. I took some biscuits and hot chocolate to warm them up and I'm so glad I did as it was so cold outside. It took me hours to warm back up when I get back home. Which was just in time to put a mammoth home delivery food shop away! Whilst we were at singing and the playground Bailey stayed at home with dad and built his land rover kit that he got for Christmas. Here it is:

Well done Bailey xxx

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  1. Can you make 1 for me Bailey please
    Cheers Lucinda