Monday, 28 February 2011

It's all about the money, money.......

So this week we have started the week off by looking at money. We are taking part in an NCT sale at the weekend and selling off toys and clothes that we have grown out of etc to raise money for our new tent. This seems like an ideal opportunity to teach the children a little more about money. I want them to help me write up the price labels, list what we are going to sell later in the week and hopefully a sales forecast so we now how much we could make from the sale, so I thought we would run through some maths work first. We started with our maths workbooks and then I printed some sheets with different money-related questions off. There were questions about ordering from a menu in a cafe and how much change they would receive from a five pound note or a ten pound note. For Ruben I printed off some pictures of coins, he recognised all of them from saving up his pocket money and then he had to work out what things he could buy from his smaller shopping list. Then we decided to get out the play till and make a little shop. They each got 5 toys and put price labels on each toy, I gave them each a bag of coins containing the same amount of money. We put the toys in the family room and set the till up on the little table.

 Working out prices for all our toys.

 I put their money in a little coin bag
Browsing the toys!

And finally working out the total costs of their shopping and how much change they need back. Its really good practice for real life, just hope they go a little quicker in a real shop otherwise there will be real tailbacks at the tills in Tesco! Hopefully, this morning has got them thinking more about money and this will prove helpful when we are getting things ready for the sale.

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