Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Drawings and science

Today we have been busy drawing with some art books that dad got when he took the children to the library on Saturday morning. The first book is an Usborne art idea's book and the second book is a Lets Draw Manga Monsters. Both have been hugely popular in our house! Yesterday we popped into an art shop to pick up some drawing pencils, more coloured pencil crayons and some sketch books and they have been super busy drawing ever since. Their friends have had an art project at their house and I think it's inspired the children to do some at home too. I think it's great when they can bounce ideas and inspiration off of one another.

 Drawing and eating biscuits, who says I can't multi-task??
We also spent this morning working through some science on the Learnpremium website. Its a really excellent learning resource and all of the children enjoy working through the different sections. This morning they have learnt about teeth (which is relevant as we had a check up at the dentist just last week), plants and conductors of electricity. I have a schofield and simms science workbook to begin with Ruben and Bailey has been using the CGP Science books. Cordelia and Ruben have also managed to play outside together collecting bugs and playing picnics until about 5 minutes ago when they starting arguing and so have come back in! Still, a rather productive day, if only they could all be like this lol :-)

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