Monday, 28 February 2011

The dining room is now our family room......

So here our new look family room is. I haven't got any before shots sadly, which would have made much more sense. Anyway, this is my new display cabinet, it looks a bit sad and empty at the moment as we haven't filled it, don't think it will take long though. The idea is that we all get a shelf each to display things that we like or have made. My shelf though is simply to display my (growing) collection of china
 Its all mis-matching china but I love it. My mother in law has rescued lots of pieces for me. My mum has passed me down a tea set, which I loved as a child and now use occasionally as a treat. Nothing like a cup of tea from a china teapot and china teacup.

 This is a sofa which was upstairs in Bailey's room. Its very comfy and we all squash up to read on it.
 I took these Ikea drawers from my bedroom to store all the kids craft, felt tip, paper, hama beads, paints and play-doh in. It was a good idea and looks much tidier plus my bedroom looks much nicer too. The photo frames on top of the drawers are what the kids made at Shirebrook last month and the eagle figure is Bailey's little project.
 This is what we bought from Ikea. Its only small but I didn't want to loose too much space in the room and it fits perfectly too
 Cordelia made this 'Charlie and Lola' inspired mobile and we hung it on the light fitting in the middle of the room
 I've put some picture sof the children when they were little up on the walls, I love photographs, especially ones of the kids. I can't believe how fast they are growing up. I especially love the one of Bailey (far left) as he hardly ever lets me take his picture now he is nearly a teenager :-(
 More photo's of the children
 Hmmmm, had these a while in the garage, also from Ikea. They can be used as photo frames but I just think we could do something more exciting with them, just not sure what yet.....any idea's???

This little table (above) was given to us by my father in law and I really love it. I spent ages putting beeswax on it (and suffering from the fumes!) and I love the old charm of it. Plus it was free!!!

These are my two little extra buys from Ikea, who just goes to Ikea without coming back with something that they didn't go far? It's just impossible! So I bought 3 of these glass jars and some extra cupcake cases (because you can never just have too many) I really like the idea of storing them in here. The cake stand above is just perfect as it has a glass lid. I have been after one of these for ages but they are so expensive normally to buy, this one cost about a third of all the ones I've seen before so was a bargain. Just wish I had taken a picture of the yummy cake the girls made and displayed (for about 5 minutes before it was all eaten anyway) yseterday!
All in all the grand cost of our redecorating? £40! Which was for paint and the white bookcase as all the other stuff we had in the garage or it was kindly given to us. Carole Smilie eat your heart out :-)

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