Monday, 21 February 2011

Cordelia makes sugar cookies yum yum

Thursday was our last home ed group meeting, my friend runs it during the winter months as an indoor meeting space for a few of us and our children. They play lots of games, make crafty things and burn lots and lots of energy. As the last group coincided with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year we did a mix of things. Our friends brought some noodle soup which was delicious, we did lots of craft and we brought some homemade sugar cookies (courtesy of the Hummingbird Baking Book) and made some coloured icing sugar which we put on the biscuits and sprinkled them with hundreds and thousands. I wish I had taken a picture of them with the decorations on because they looked so pretty but I totally forgot!

 Here she is using the electric mixer, still proving a great source of excitement in our house!
 Weighing out the flour
 Rolling out the dough, I find biscuit dough really tricky, so this was the second attempt as it fell to pieces the first time.
 All ready to go in the oven
All baked and ready to take. Cordelia is getting so good at foloowing the recipe herself without any help. She is very competent. She said everyone loved them too!

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