Monday, 28 February 2011

Busy, busy Sunday

Well actually Sunday was a quietish day actually, considering the day before with trips to the library, Ikea and into town too. So we got up (quite early for a Sunday) all ready to have a really good walk in the forest, which I have been looking forwards to for ages but the weather was truly grim! So that shelved that plan. Instead we went to look for a new tent for the summer. We only started camping last year but we really LOVE it! We bought a tent in the sale which has been really good, especially given the price we paid for it. But we really need one a little bigger this year. When we got back Piper really wanted to make a start on her dough doll (I bought her this fantastic little book for 30p in the summer all about dough dolls and how to make them) So dad supervised the taking of the photo's and helped out.

 She used a salt dough recipe which was quite easy to mix.
 Ruben finally made a start on his shaker maker painting! Did you notice how different his hair is? I took him for a walk last week and on the way home he said 'Come on mum let's go into the hairdresser's and make me an appointment, my hair needs cutting' So there you have it, he wanted it cut quite short and so it is (I wanted to have a little cry but resisted! I loved his long locks!)
 Back to the doll...doing some rolling and below the finished doll. Its actually a pumpkin style doll which is very cute and smelt rather yummy, the dog even tried to eat one that Cordelia made as she thought it was a dog biscuit!!

The girls also made a very delicious chocolate cake with dad, which was a nice to change! I'm normally in charge of all things baking related but they managed without me, so I put my feet up with a cuppa instead. Unfortunately, daddy was far too busy supervising and missed an opportunity to take a picture of said cake! Which was a big shame as it looked beautiful, tasted divine and plus it looked superb on my new cake stand from Ikea!

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