Monday, 7 February 2011

Building circuits

Bubs found this circuit set in the cupboard has become totally obsessed with it ever since. I offered to help but he wanted to do it all by himself and managed to make a working circuit in only a few minutes. I'm not surprised by how quick he learnt how to do it but I continue to be amazed with his enthusiasm for learning things as he is my only child not to have ever gone to school. He is so self motivated and can concentrate so hard on things, well when he is interested in them anyway. Its interesting to watch his development, having had no experience of formal learning. The approach with him is much more Steiner-Waldorf inspired. It seems to be working anyway.......

So cue three days of near misses with the spinning top and having a light bulb on at all times. He has gone through 4 batteries already. He took it up to his grandad's house and re assembled it all to show him, he was very impressed with bub's skills!

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