Monday, 7 February 2011

Boo makes fishcakes

I'm trying to have some one on one time with each child at the moment and cooking is always a good activity to do with one child at a time. I'm trying to encourage making healthy meals as well as yummy desserts, so Boo and I had a go at this recipe from our Star Cooks book, Fishcakes made with smoked haddock and salmon.
 Chopping up some onion
 Chopping fresh parsley and dill. Maybe we should plant a herb garden????
 Boiling some potatoes and browning the onion in some butter
 Peeling the boiled eggs
 Mashing up the potatoes
 Mixing all the ingredients up together
 Seasoning with black pepper and salt
 Making patties with the mixture
 In the fridge for two hours to firm up
Before we rolled them in flour, eggs and finally breadcrumbs. We shallow fried them in butter for five minutes on each side and served them with chunky oven chips, delicious!!

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