Saturday, 8 January 2011

What to learn?

As it was back to school this week we decided to get our work books out and started with some maths. Bailey is using the CGP maths workbook and is currently doing decimals. Piper and Cordelia are using the Schofield & Sims mental arithmetic workbooks which are really good. Ruben has also moved onto these books too now as the younger books were just too easy for him. After maths we did some literacy and the girls began working through the literacy section on Learnpremium. I really love this site as it has dome fab worksheets and lots of ideas. The girls do some of the work online and then follow up with work in their English books and printable worksheets. They are both flying through the scheme already. Bailey is using the CGP books for his English too and is currently doing plurals. He finds these books interesting and it's a really good basis for branching out further. Ruben is using the Schofield & Sims early comprehension books and is already on book 2. I like this paper workbooks as they are bright, colourful, easy to use, easy to get hold of and quite cheap.
This weekend we have done some more birdwatching for our bird project. We are planning to do some art work this week of different birds and maybe dome collages. As we have been keeping a bird tally we are also going to do some ICT and make graphs. We started watching the Arctic series this week with Bruce Parry too, the kids enjoyed watching how different cultures celebrate and plan to celebrate both summer solstice and winter solstice now, which I'm looking forward too!


  1. all sounding fab! Loved the look of the lego place in Manchester, I think we'll have to see about going there too :)

  2. Yes it was lots of fun Kirsty! Would recommend :-)