Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Weston Park Museum

Trying to play catch up with my blogging this week!I've been very slack with it so here I am catching up. Last Sunday  we met our friends and had a trip to the Weston Park Museum in town. Its not the biggest of museums but its quite bright and familiar. Sadly, they didn't have the new exhibition room up and ready which was a shame. The kids loved the food exhibition, which doesn't surprise me as they LOVE food! We had a little walk to see the ducks in the park afterwards but it was really, really cold and Bailey had been at his friend's all weekend and it was time to pick him up. Its so strange when one of the children are off doing other things as you get so used to having four! I really missed him so it was lovely to have him back even if he was super tired from all the fun he'd had! Anyway....here are some pics from the museum, we also managed to go into the art classroom where they got to do some extra things.
Bub's hands!

 What it looks like from the other side of the 'magic' wall
 Looking at the leaf carrying ants

 In the art rooms drawing fossils and butterflies

 Making fox finger puppets

 Butterfly masks
 The big scary bear
 Running through the sea

 Hugging a millipede

Doing jigsaws

 Playing with the flap books in the museum
 finished! A jigsaw of an old necklace found in Sheffield
 More jigsaws
 Playing 'shop' at the butchers
'What can I get you madam?' The kids were a little disgruntled as they had to take turns in the shop as it was so busy in the museum. They much prefer going in the week when its quieter and you have it all to yourself!

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