Monday, 10 January 2011

Ulley Country Park

As it wasn't quite as freezing yesterday we had a walk around another reservoir (yes another one!) this time we had a walk around Ulley reservoir, the last time we came here was in autumn and we listened to a talk on fungi. This time was much colder, so much so in fact that it was frozen over. The kids (and daddy!) could not resist having a go at throwing stones and sticks to see if it would break, it didn't. I do love the way the ice acts as a clear reflection of the scenery though...... 

 Here they all are looking for some birds eating their breakfasts! We saw a few birds but more exciting was the little field mouse we saw quickly coming in and out of his little burrow to eat the bird seed that had fallen.
 All the many bird feeders provided by the council.
 Reading up about the abundant wildlife they have at Ulley.
 Going up the hill was hard work but the walk down and views were very nice.
 Different patterns created by the ice on the water
 They look a little like snowflakes

 Watching how fast the water comes out!
 Anyone for poohsticks????
 The very impressive dam. The last time we came there was no water running down this wall so it was quite cool to see it rushing down this time.
Over the bridge and back to the car, just in time for some delicious toad in the hole for tea!!!

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