Friday, 7 January 2011

Start as we mean to go on......Legoland Manchester

So, as the title might suggest one of my new year's resolutions is to go out lots more with the children, there are so many great days out that you can do with the kids so I thought we would make a start with the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. I managed to get us some very cheap tickets and so off we went. Driving over the Woodhead was very beautiful as there was still snow and the reservoir was frozen over. I don't think I have ever seen it like that before and I spent a lot of time travelling over it when I was younger.
 First up, meeting 'Doctor Lego' the kids had to scream 'We want Lego' and jump up and down for the machine to start making the plastic lego bricks. They were each given a special brick to take home.
 Waiting for our ride on the Dragon's quest. We went in two groups and each had a laser gun to shoot the bad guys and help rescue the princess from the trolls.
The girls in front of Lego Big Ben
They always love the miniland area, lots of buildings built out of Lego
Lego waterfall!
A whole tub full of Lego to play, Bubs took his new friend 'Sausage' to play too
Caught in the jaws of a deadly Lego lion
As it also tries to eat Cordelia too
Building Lego cars to race down the tracks, even 'Sausage' has a go!
Utter concentration........
Test it time!!

Testing our buildings in the earthquake zone

Waiting for the pro-building session to begin and admiring all the fab things made with Lego!
Lots of inspiration for building our own things at home.....
And at last a bag of Lego to learn how to build a turtle with........
The finished piece of work! Even I managed to do one too and got it (almost) all right!
Showing off their finished turtles
Cordelia also managed to have her hands painted in the pink princess castle, which she loved. So much so she got home and got out her body art pencils again and began a week long body art draw!
The 4D cinema was very good too. We sat quite close to the front and as you watch the 3D film in your special glasses you feel air as the dragon breathes on you, water as a Rhino sneexes and bubbles in celebration when the princess manages to kill the evil wizard. We all had a really fun day :-) Ruben keeps asking when we can go back again as he had so much fun making new friends in the play area.

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  1. I've been there! i got a free alien conquest brick!