Tuesday, 25 January 2011


No pictures for this one as its very hard to actually take pictures of the stars with a normal camera. The kids and I really enjoyed a serious on BBC1 at the beginning of the month but only got around to watching it last week, our favourite scientist Dr Brian Cox was presenting a live show for three nights from Cheshire. Some of the footage was really good and we even saw an asteroid fall behind the live presenter who was outside. It really got us so excited about the stars and made us sad not to be in Wales where the skies are so much clearer and it feels like you are standing in a real planetarium. Apparantly you can see Jupiter at the moment even with the naked eye but sadly we had several days of cloud and so couldn't see anything! I was brushing my teeth in our attic bathroom when I looked and saw how clear the sky was. Cordelia has been desperate to look for the area below Orion's Belt where new stars are born which is called the Stella Nebular and even though it was 10.30 at night I went and woke her up to see it. We both stood with the velux window wide open trying to spot it. She was so excited when she saw it, bless her. We spotted the big dipper too and a few more new constellations. She said she thought she had dreamt it when she woke up the next morning. We were spoiled with clear skies for a good few nights afterwards and have managed to spot Jupiter too. Just need it to warm up so we can go camping back to Wales and have a proper look.........

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